6 October 2017

All New ASV Positrack Range

ASV Terex RT75 working3 positrack loader for sale

The New ASV Positracks are well and truly hitting the market and customers couldn’t be happier. Earlier this year we saw the change over from the White and black Terex Branded positracks to the new Yellow and Black ASV positrack range.

With the new positracks hitting the market, customers will have a choice between 8 different models

RT 30 (formally known as the Terex PT30) > More info here

ASV RT30 positrack trackloader australia 11

RT50 (formally known as the Terex PT50 > More info here

ASV PT50 Positrack Australia trackloader 4

RT60 (formally known as the Terex PT60) > More info here

side ASV RT 60 positrack australia for sale 11

RT60 2 Speed

side 2ASV RT 60 positrack australia for sale 1

RT75 and RT75HD (Formaly known as the Terex RT265) > More info here

ASV Terex RT 75HD positrack loader for sale

RT120 and RT120F > More info here 

ASV Terex RT 120F positrack loader for sale


VT70 Positrack > More info here

ASV Terex VT 70 positrack loader for sale


As you would expect the new ASV track loaders will feature the ASV patented Posi-Track™ suspended undercarriage technology, supported by an even 50/50 weight distribution. This allows the positrack machines to produce incredible traction and low ground disturbance. The undercarriage clearance eliminates excess build-up of material in & behind the tracks, unlike on other machines.

Other Key Features to note:

  • The ASV positrack range will still have the hydraulic pilot controls, giving the operator maximum response/feel while in operation
  • The RT60 2 speed positrack is equipped with additional rear counter weight
  • RT75HD comes with Lexan front door, giving the operator more protection and significantly reducing the chances of smashing.
  • RT75HD positrack also comes with brush guarding on the lights and ac unit, giving additional protection in high vegetation areas. 
  • RT75HP positrack also has hydraulic reversible fan to keep the cooler package clean of any debris. Customers can request for the rear bar kit for excess guarding
  • VT70 Positrack comes with a vertical lift. The vertical life is ideal if customers are requiring additional lift capacity and lift height.


Images of customers putting their new ASV Positrack loaders to work 

Customer ASV positrackByronbayexcavations positrackAnthony Ring PositrackAnthony Ring Excavation Positrack RT50

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