10 September 2018

Brisvegas Machinery adds HARDI sprayers to its expertise

hardi australia sprayers blog2

Brisvegas Machinery welcome HARDI Australia Sprays to our Queensland line of products.

Melbourne Tractors Group have always taken pride in offering our customers proven, reliable products and HARDI is no exception. Our team always look for equipment that is a clear leader in the market, hence the reason behind offering HARDI Australia Sprays.

Hardi australia sprayer blog

HARDI’s comprehensive range of sprays will allow our Brisvegas team to serve every need from row crop sprayers and horticultural mistblowers to the largest self-propelled and trailed broadacre sprayers. HARDI even offer an urban range which includes professional estate and hand-sprayers designed for residential maintenance, parks, golf courses and general street-scape management.

For more information, contact us and speak to Aaron Lubbers, Agricultural Sales Representative

HARDI Australia product