18 April 2018

Kobelco SK12SR Mini Excavator Now Available

Kobelco Sk12SR miniexcavator DDT

Listening to the industry and what customers were after in their excavators, Kobelco identified there was a gap between their mini models which needed filling. Unveiling the new SK12SR mini excavator at The National Diesel, Dirt & Turn expo on 13th to 15th April 2018, Kobelco Australia received positive feedback on the new addition. "Kobelco mini excavators are known for their toughness and durability. The SK12SR is a versatile machine, great for those jobs in closely confined spaces, and the pilot-controlled operation offers exceptional manoeuvrability that gives the operator the confidence and comfort to get the job done well," shared Kobelco General Manager of Sales & service, Doug McQuinn.

Comparing the SK12SR with the SK008, the excavator tail overhang comes down from 305mm on the SK008 to 150mm tail over hang and 0mm front overhang on the new SK12SR. Like the other two mini models, the SK12SR can manoeuver and swing within a compact radius making it easier to work in confined areas.

Kobelco Sk12SR miniexcavator DDT


The crawler width also brings a nice mid-point between the two earlier models with the capability of retracting to 830mm, and 1000mm when extended. On the SK008 and SK17SR operators are able to go down to 660mm and 840mm retracted and extend the tracks to 1050mm and 1280mm respectively.

Operator comfort was a big consideration when designing and building the SK12SR. The machine includes the same pilot controls like the large excavators, making it more ergonomic and comfortable for the operator.

Kobelco Sk12SR miniexcavator DDT2Kobelco Sk12SR miniexcavator DDT3

Another advantage is the accessibility to the engine for Operators and service technicians. There is a fully-opening engine hood allowing them to get to the machines main components including, Air cleaner, radiator, fuel tank and the fuel filter.

The Kobelco SK12SR excavator is a perfect fit for plumbers, landscapers, builders and other businesses regularly working in confined spaces.

Some Additional Key Specifications 

  • Engine Make & Model: Yanmar 3TNV70-WBVB
  • Max. Torque NET (ISO9249):¬† 50/1,500
  • Displacement: 0.854 L
  • Fuel tank: 12 L
  • Overall lenth: 3,020mm
  • Overall height (ROPS): 2,250mm
  • Swing radius (boom swing): 1,300(1,050)

For more information on the Kobelco SK12SR excavator go here