20 April 2017

When Should You Service Your Machine

servicing excavator queensl

Not sure when or how often you should be servicing your construction equipment. This is a common question and a very important one when your business depends on your machines operating efficiently.

As a general guide, our brands/manufacturers strongly recommend the following service intervals per machine type;


Positrack (track loader)  Service every 250 hours

Skid Steer Loader Service every 250 hours

Mini Excavators (below 5 tonne) Service every 250 hours

Midi/Heavy Excavators (above 7 tonne) Service every 500 hours

Machine owners should adhere to these service schedules to ensure you are following warranty requirements. Not servicing your machine regularly enough can void your warranty and be very costly. If you are still unsure about when to service your machine and want further clarification, please contact our service department

Think your machine is due for a service? See our Capped Price Servicing here or contact us directly


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