Five Ways to Prevent Equipment Theft

Theft and vandalism is and will continue to be a common problem on construction sites but there are measures you can take to avoid being targeted. Unoccupied job sites are at the forefront of such crimes, especially sites which lack sufficient security measures like surveillance cameras and after hours security guards.

Construction site theft and vandalism reportedly costs the Australian construction industry around $25 million dollars each year. The cost of being the subject of construction theft goes beyond just the cost of the item(s) stolen. Businesses have to take into consideration; working time delays, equipment replacement costs and insurance premium increases (if you have insurance).

Apart from the standard procedures such as, increasing the lighting during after hours and installing security surveillance cameras if possible, we have put together a list of other more sufficient measures you can take to safeguard your construction equipment:

1. Document all identification numbers

Note all serial & model numbers, write down descriptions of the equipment’s condition (making note of any dents or permanent marks). This information will fast track the process if reporting theft to the authorities.

2. Have your equipment fitted with vandal covers

Machinery equipment experiences 44% more theft and vandalism than private motor vehicles. To prevent such crimes, you should consider installing vandal covers.

3. Satellite tracking

Small plant equipment are being stolen every week, and rarely are these machines recovered and returned. However, with a Satellite GPS tracking system, machine operators can easily track and recover their equipment. GPS tracking systems work by using the GPS satellite system to pin point its current location. They are easy to install and easy to use via your mobile phone.

4. Replace the ignition and key

Equipment Manufactures tend to use the same ignition across their entire product line, meaning all the keys are identical. These keys can be purchased straight from eBay or Amazon with a push of a button and allow anyone access to your equipment. To prevent thieves from doing the unwanted, you can opt to have your ignitions changed entirely with a more secure and unique ignition lock.

5. Fit an engine immobiliser

An immobiliser is an electronic security device fitted to your machine which will prevent the engine from running unless the correct key is present. These devices will inhibit thieves from hot wiring and stealing your machine.

Want more ideas on safeguarding your specific equipment or information on the recommended measures above feel free to contact us.