Machine Warranties – Are You Compliant?

You’ll often hear this myth regarding servicing or repairing your machine by yourself: it automatically cancels your warranty! Don’t believe it as gospel.

Sure, changing a filter can’t cause the transmission to break, but your warranty won’t allow you to just do whatever you want to your machine. So want to stay compliant and keep your warranty valid? Follow these seven, simple steps and you’re pretty much guaranteed that we, your authorised dealer and the machine supplier will fulfil your warranty needs.

Tip 1

Do not alter your hour meter. The authorised dealer is the only persons permitted to alter the hour meter in case of repairs and adjusting to the correct hours. Any machine that has had its hour meter altered will have its warranty cancelled. For those buying a second hand machine that includes a warranty, it is advisable to get the authorised dealer to do an inspection of the machine to ensure the warranty will be upheld.

Tip 2

Do not buy a machine through an auction. Any new or used machines brought through an auction will not have a valid warranty. The warranty is automatically void on entering the machine into an auction.

Tip 3

Get all major services (1000 hour increments) completed by the authorised dealer. It is also recommended that minor services also be completed by your machines authorised dealer, although it is not compulsory. There is a reason that your dealer is the authorised dealer of your brand of machine, they are the experts on your particular build!

Tip 4

Buy attachments approved by your authorised dealer. Breakdowns or faults that have occurred from the use of a non-approved attachment will automatically void your warranty.

Tip 5

Use only genuine machine service parts or approved service parts that meet your machine brand specifications for all maintenance and repairs. Yes, you may be able to buy that hose down the road cheaper but if it explodes neither the part nor everything else it has destroyed will be covered by warranty.

Tip 6

Complete proper maintenance on your machine. Should your machine require warranty work in the coverage period, the machine supplier will require proof of servicing to demonstrate proper maintenance has been performed.

Tip 7

Notify the authorised dealer within 14 days of becoming aware of a defect with your machine. In most case the authorised dealer will need to attend to your machine within 14 days of notifying them of the problem to ensure your warranty is upheld.

So are you compliant? For more information or to speak to your service manager in your area about your regular machine maintenance either in the workshop or on site phone:

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